Like so many of you when I got my garage I ran out to the HARBOR (freight) and scooped that $69 motorcycle lift and in fairness it hasn't dropped a bike on me but thats kind of where the positive review ends. Its on wheels but those wheels are small, steel and Im almost positive were selected for cost in lieu of a good wheel that would also require a locking mechanism (that makes sense to someone I suppose). Beyond the lack of mobility you have its cumbersome weight and shape for any form of non used storage of it. Even if you can put it under a bench you'll undoubtedly hit some appendage on that release pedal or worse hit said pedal while its leaning against a wall where the sort of wheels described above magically become abec-700000 bearings and it makes a be line for your flesh. Which brings me to the also mentioned weight. This thing is not too heavy where you would considering asking a buddy, but try picking it up if there just about anything near and watch it become a magnet of sorts and get hung up on almost anything just as you realized youre in an odd enough position physically that this maybe 75 lb object suddenly feels like 10,000 just as you pull a muscle  in your aging back you'll realize what I did and find another solution.  Would this guy replace the one I built to in every way eliminate the other ones issue? No. But will this function perfectly when a second lift is needed? Yes and for numerous reasons. Unlike the HF one this things footprint is pretty much every millimeter needed to safely keep wheels off the ground without the 6 sq ft of real estate of the HB one while in use but when it comes time to put it away is the shining moment. This things tiny. Would fit on pretty much any shelve in my garage and would be absolutely ideal for a racer on a budget with a budget sized trailer. If you need to make every inch count this should be on your short list.

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