About Us

Making Poor Decisions Since 81'

Rudeboy's Humble Beginnings

We are as we said a quintessential "family" shop. Started in 2014 as a single garage built cafe racer, between, my Cousin Paul and myself. This weekend project, building a single bike for fun, took on a life of it's own, then spiraled in to all you see before you today.


Up until Covid the plan was to open a moto coop in the 603, going so far as purchasing a location in a town called Hooksett NH. We had planned to do a coop workshop along with a retail space, live music stage, pit bike track and much more but as mentioned Covid put a damper on that and we had to pivot. That pivot, is more of a rodeo flip, and rather than further spread the ol roots in the land of my birth (NH) Ive decided to sell my home, bought an RV, a trailer and two new bikes and Im hitting the road. What Ive deemed the Poor Decisions Tour 2022. I aim to make it a rolling shitshow dedicating my life fully to these two wheeled death machines I love so much.

The Plan

Well to be honest there isnt really a plan, beyond hitting the road, attending any and everything that involves motorcycles I can. Ill be hitting up all the major rallys including Laconia and for the first time Sturgis. Im also going to try to hit as many RSD superhooligan events, a couple AMA Outdoor MX nationals, as many builder shows as I can, Day in the Dirt and of course Ill be riding every place in this great nation of ours Ive not had the opportunity to yet, including Glamis, The Tail of the Dragon, The canyons of So Cal and anywhere else ya'll suggest. Ill be recording all of it including the debauchery, not on two wheels. Follow the whole thing

The Footage

So I guess Im now a Youtuber?

Ive never cared much for being in front of a camera although I appreciate filmmaking and have decided to give it a shot by essentially filming every second I can with as many cameras as I can afford. That as of now is essentially 4 "faux pro" action cameras, a follow me drone, and hopefully more if I can land some sponsors for this. If you or anyone you know has a relevant brand, shop or whatever and would like to be featured on the (rv/trailer wrap), the footage or even as far as have us rep at events please contact me directly @rudeboycycle603@gmail.com attn Help You Make Some Poor Decisions and lets chat

Making Some Noise..

In terms of sponsorship, we are pretty open to anything that helps make this dream continue down the road. That being said we have titled it POOR DECISIONS and I am certainly predicting some reckless behavior's by any and all associated. And as previously mentioned, ALL of this will be recorded from multiple angles, so Im guessing the motorcycle lawyers or the local kawanis club, has probably already checked out. But this leaves plenty of real estate on the 31' span of the Sea View Motorhome and the 17' of trailer for all sort of counter culture brands from numerous related industries. Im looking toward you moto / bmx/ skate apparel brands, craft breweries, record labels, barbershops, tech startups, camping/rv/trailer accessory brands, coffee, Cannabis Brands, energy drink or whatever is willing to be part of this addmitedly irrational financial move on my part ;)

What we can offer

Having an extensive background in counter culture brand building & marketing in the action sports, underground music, nightlife then the burgeoning cannabis industry myself, I know that this idea will provide value not only to my brand but any other brands, that get on board, for a myriad of reasons. I am not only willing to provide valuable rolling billboard style real estate in terms of wrapping the entire rv and trailer in sponsor's logos that will be seen by countless eyes of everyday American travelers, as I crisscross the US for remainder of 2022, but will also be vending and promoting my own brand at these destination events, and would be willing to vend/promote, sponsor's products, as well. Due to being a small struggling upstart, brand in the time of covid, I believe this could be a terrific opportunity for any, upstart brand to be present with minimal financial commitment, in terms of logistics and manpower, at some of the largest and culturally viable, motorcycle lifestlyle events of 2022. A year that 3in is surely going to be remembered as a make or break one for industry brands from large to small.