Having trouble selling your latest restoration project or build? Why not consign with us and for the low fee of 15-25% we will use our extensive network of fans, friends, acquaintances and deadly foes to get that ish sold. We offer our services on 3 tiers (represented by percentage 15/20/25) the first being a simple listing on our site and 5 separate posts on fb page, where we will passively lend a hand by using our social media connections to get the word out.

Those services increase in involvement with our second tier where we still do the listing on the site but we will actually post the marketplace listing for you and post the listing in the 20 most relevant groups to get it sold as quick as possible. We will also lend some of our expertise in helping you find the right price point for the sale.

The 3rd and final stage is the set it and forget it option where we will handle all aspects of the sale for you. We can help with whatever parts and work needing to be done to get you top dollar for your bike. We also will handle every and all dealings with the marketing and sale of the bike. All the seller needs to do is sit back and watch me work my magic (you dont even need to do that if you dont want. 

If youre selling a bike and don't want to "sell a bike" look no further and consign with Rudeboy