My favorite part of this whole thing is building custom bikes. I start by having a consult with the customer to get a feel of what he/she has envisioned and ultimately what they feels represents them best. Im open to most ideas and a leftover biproduct of my former career as a dj I tend to be able to get a pretty good read on someones aesthetic within a short period of time. That doesnt mean Ill be rushing to finish the job though. For now I will only be taking on one build a year meaning youll have my full attention until the build is done. I work on an hourly scale which is all separately itemized showing every minute I spend on your build to make sure your budget and my neurotic work schedule doesnt end up hurting either party and ensuring you get the bike you want but ultimately have budgeted as well. Below is some images of my work and I look forward to working with some of you soon.