MICHELIN STARCROSS MH3 60/100-14 Tire-OR [shop name]
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Starcross® Mini tires share the same world-class racing technology that gives world champions a competitive edge. With a full range of sizes in both Starcross® Mini MS2 and MH3 knob patterns, junior racers have more choices than ever to handle any track surface.

  • Tread patterns derived from full-size Starcross® MS3 and MH3 tires
  • MS2 knob pattern for soft to intermediate terrain
  • MH3 knob pattern for intermediate to hard tracks
  • Visible treadwear indicator: when the 'M' disappears, Starcross® tires can be reversed on the rim. Symmetrical knobs help provide equivalent traction in both directions
  • Durability and resistance to tearing and chunking
  • Outstanding durability

Part Number: 834153
Manufacturer: MICHELIN TIRE
Manufacturer Part No.: 38254
Actual Weight: 4.1 lbs
Shipping Weight: 4.33 lbs (Dimensional weight)
Package Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 3"

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