DP Brakes - DP320

DP Brakes - DP320 Brake Pads [shop name]
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DP Brakes Sintered Metal Brake Pads - DP320

In brake pad shootout tests, DP Brakes were rated #1 in Germany's Motorrad magazine and England's Motorcycle News

Get high-tech performance in all conditions for your motorcycle with DP Brakes brake pads and shoes

Sintered metal dust-free compound design gives superior performance for consistent, hard stops and fade-free performance

Brake pads and shoes have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance fast

Sintered metal compounds will outlast more organic pads, and are safe for all OEM rotors

Excellent replacement pad for touring and street machines where pad durability is the main concern

Pad backplate has gray-colored aluminum oxide based ceramic material to keep heat away from caliper piston and brake fluid in extreme conditions for fade-free performance

Excellent brake performance in wet or dry conditions

Made with DP Brakes proven sintered metal material

NOTE: NEVER USE SINTERED BRAKE PADS IN BIKES ORIGINALLY EQUIPPED WITH NON-SINTERED BRAKE PADS. Check your owners manual to see if sintered metal brakes were OEM equipment on your motorcycle.

NOTE: All brake pads and shoes are sold in a set for one disc or drum. You must order one set for each disc or drum on your motorcycle

EX650A Ninja 650R 2006-2008

EX650C Ninja 650R 2009-2011

EX650E Ninja 650R 2013-2016

EX650F Ninja 650R ABS 2013-2016

KLE650A Versys 2008-2009

KLE650C Versys 2010-2014

ZR1000A Z1000 2003-2006

ZR550B Zephyr 1993

ZX1000C Ninja ZX-10R 2004-2005

ZX1000D Ninja ZX-10R 2006-2007

ZX1000E Ninja ZX-10R 2008-2009

ZX1000F Ninja ZX-10R 2010

ZX1100E GPz 1995-1996

ZX1100F GPz ABS 1996

ZX600E Ninja ZX-6 1993-2001

ZX600E ZZ-R 2003-2004

ZX600F Ninja ZX-6R 1995-1997

ZX600G Ninja ZX-6R 1998-1999

ZX600J ZZ-R 2005-2008

ZX600K Ninja ZX-6RR 2003

ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R 2007-2008

ZX600R Ninja ZX-6R 2009-2012

ZX636B Ninja ZX-6R 2003-2004

ZX636C Ninja ZX-6R 2005-2006

ZX900B Ninja ZX-9R 1994-1997

ZX900C Ninja ZX-9R 1998-1999

ZX900F Ninja ZX-9R 2002-2003

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