Bullite Ruler

Bullite Ruler
Bullite Ruler
Bullite Ruler
Bullite Ruler
Bullite Ruler
Bullite Ruler
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Bullite wheels are derived from Italian heritage and design using CAD, CAM and CAE throughout the process.
  • The rim is precisely processed with a proprietary formula aluminum alloy sheet resulting in a 20% reduction in wheel length and thickness.
  • Our low-pressure casting production surpasses industry standards and meets the A-level standards of various indicators recommended by the GB/T 11346-2018's radiographic inspection of aluminum alloy castings defect classification.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum welding technology.
  • Lead-free process, utilizing our sustainable paint technology which maintains durability in harsh conditions.
  • Our pride is our product, from valve to curve, we strive to deliver the utmost precision based products through rigorous testing and development.
  • Our beadlock signature encompasses performance in its DNA. Every wheel is made of high-performance materials machined with precision. The road is your oyster.
  • Rest assured each wheel is put through rigorous testing, in the harshest of conditions. Conquer your fear with confidence to tackle any challenge with the Bullite guarantee.

Part Number: 286025
Manufacturer Part No.: BT031470461012
Actual Weight: 17.636 lbs
Shipping Weight: 17.64 lbs
Package Dimensions: 15.996" x 15.996" x 9"

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