First and foremost Rudeboy Cycle is and will always be a shop of motorcycle builders/customizers. Sure we utilize parts from various aftermarket speed shops and manufacturers and aim to bring those we use to the shop after some R&D miles, but as we grow we aim to provide bits that will improve your machine both functionally and visually. Being a small shop filled with huge ideas we've set off producing, some of our designs and will be offering them up (at first) in a one off, bespoke manner. Starting with our bulletproof, tidy tail solution we designed specifically for our "test" 2016 Bonne T120. We have also teamed up with CLmotoTech of Pittsburg Pa to bring forth an entire line of electrical management solutions, suspension components and more. We also offer custom steel/aluminum seat pans, battery boxes, fenders, fiberglass fairing/cowlings and more. If you aim to build a truly one of a kind motorcycle look no further, and if you've got an idea but lack the skills give us a shout. We're here to help.


Contact us today to get started on truly making your bike your own.