In the wake of the initial wave of covid-19 we along with most companies are experiencing, although spotted, some long delays in receiving certain,shipments from over sea's suppliers. We know that new parts, in the mail is one of the most fun parts of this sport, and also know that to the racers amongst us, that new parts can be the difference between winning and not finishing. At the end of the we, like you, love riding and love to help people find the gear you need to participate in the one activity that we all hold so dear, riding. With these trying times a lot has indeed changed including access to products at what we considered normal timeframe. So to counteract this we have taken a two prong approach. Step 1 was removing any products that became problematic in terms of delivery times. The ones we've decided to keep will be marked with an imported logo to let you know they may be up to a 6 weeks to deliver. The second prong to this attack is to up our products shipped from our local distribution network. As some may know, we are proud licensed resellers for over 300 of the powersport industry's biggest OEM & aftermarket companies including All Balls, Big Gun, Keihin, Mikuni, Motion Pro, Polisport, Wiseco and more. This distributor supplies any and all parts and accessories for all segments of the powersport world including Dirt Bikes, Quads, Street Bikes, Side-by Sides, Snow, Watercraft and even trailers to haul your fun around. So in this time of worry we here at Rudeboy plan to stay the course. We, like most, are genuinely aphrenrsive yet optomistic. Fearful yet brave. Ready to get back to life as we knew it but worried it may never be the same. One thing is for certain as long as we can we'll be here ready to pivot as we have at a moments notice.